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How to Get 1,000 Organic Subscribers fast?

Are You Having a hard time to get the first 1,000 Subscribers? 

If YES!, this article may help you get an idea on what to do, to reach the 1,000 initial subscribers.

First, Let me give you a simpler definition of the so called "Subscriber". YouTube subscriber is someone who has decided to “follow” your channel and your creation, to receive updates.

Keep in mind that subscriber will not subscribe to a channel without any interest with your channel or creation, there is reason behind subscribing.

And when I speak about reason, as I see it, it is the value that a viewer may get from your creations. Observe and Understand your viewers, do they like your creation as a whole? Are they enjoying or learning?

As a "Content Creator" it is significant to pay attention to viewers, you should take time to analyze your viewers suggestions or feedbacks. 

Viewer might not subscribe to your channel the first time, that is normal, but if your channel seems to be running as expected by that viewer, eventualy you will get the subscription of that person.

The point is, getting subscribers is not as easy as creating and uploading your video. You have to supervise the performance of your uploaded videos and your channel as a whole.

Study the outcome of your individual creation, which among your creations performed well and which weren't. What should you avoid, adjust or improve?

If you will do these, for sure You will get the 1,000 subscribers or maybe more in a very short period of time.

I also created a simple Video with effective tips that will truly help you reaching the first 1,000 Subscribers, watch it and enjoy😊.

Hurry! This video can help you. How To Get The 1,000 Organic Subscribers Fast?

How To Get The 4,000 Watch Hours Fast

If You want to reach the 4,000 watch hours and monetize Your Youtube Channel, creating and uploading videos aren't enough.

In order to get the 4,000 valid public watch hours, You need to study first how to hook the eyes and influence the mind of your target viewers to get their precious click on your videos.

Remember that your video will not gain watch hours if it can't get enough clicks.

From my experience and research, creating a compeling "Thumbnail and Title" are the two important factors influencing the eyes and mind of the viewers.

You are maybe wondering how Popular "Content Creators" were able to succeed?

Did they just make videos and upload? Well, the honest answer is no. The reality is no matter how many and how great your videos are, if people will not see and notice your video, then your creation will not gain sufficient watch hours.

So what can you do to make your "Thumbnail and Title" be compelling?

Let me give you few effective Tips that you may try:

1. Use a "Catchy" titles.

✅For Example: I love You Because You Hate Me! LoL!🤦

2. Avoid Misleading, Clickbaity, and Sensational Thumbnails and Titles.

✅If the Title and Thumbnail misrepresent the content of Your video, there is a higher chance that anyone who clicked your video will leave instantly, will curse your channel and will never come back.

3. Make the Title and Thumbnail clear and represent the exact content of the video.

✅Use a Readable Font, avoid inserting too many objects or texts.

4. Make Your video Entertaining.

Since the goal of Your channel is to gain more watch hours, getting clicks are not enough, you have to make sure that when a viewer click the thumbnail, video must be watch in full. Make your video lively and not boring.

I created a video that may help You, be sure to watch it and enjoy. How To Get the 4,000 Watch Hours Fast?

The Secret Why Your Youtube Channel is not Growing.

If your channel isn't growing, for sure there is a huge problem, It is normal for begginers to make mistake, its inevitable.

But doing the same mistake over and over again is no longer healthy.

If you noticed that your expected result isn't happening, most likely you aren't doing the right method needed for your desired result.

To figure out the problem is, you have to perform an effective analysis.

Your analysis must include the following data:

Why your videos are getting only few clicks? (Measure the Effectivenes of your Video Title and Thumbnail).

Why viewers leave immediately once they watch your video? (Review Your Audience experience when watching your video)

Use the Analytic Report: Retention Rating, Comments Section, Likes and Dislikes Average.

Why viewers are not subscribing and subscribers are unsubscribingReview the video which got a higher numbers of subscribers and compare it with the video that drive out subscribers.

Tip: (Continue making videos that hook subscribers and stop/avoid making videos that may push your viewers to leave).

These are just the three important Questions that you need to answer yourself." To know what is the Secret, then watch this video about"The Secret Why Your Youtube Channel is not Growing" this can give you a helpful idea.