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Trending YouTube Issue (YouTube TV App Missing Playback Speed Gear Icon) March 2022.

Why the Playback Speed Option is missing in YouTube TV App?

Many users have asked in The YouTube Community Forum about the issue of missing Playback Speed Option in their YouTube TV App. For Unknown reason it just dissapeared and no one could find a way to put it back.

Some have tried to do basic troubleshooting like turning on/off the TV, Uninstalling and Reinstalling The App, others have tried rebooting their Internet Router and many other things that they think can resolve the issue.

But no one was able to get the Playback Speed back.

After further checking, I've noticed that this could be a possible bug, so I escalated this issue to the YouTube Team and confirmed that there is really an ongoing issue with the YouTube TV App.

The YouTube Team told me that they will give me an update once they've fixed the issue.

If You want to received an update kindly visit my Post in the Youtube Community Forum and subscribe to it.