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Youtube Basic Tutorials Can Be Found Here

How To Change Youtube Profile Name, Profile Photo, and Profile Banner.

To change the channel name, profile photo, and channel banner follow the steps below:

✅In the mobile app, tap your profile picture.

✅Tap Your channel.

✅Tap Edit channel.

✅Tap the Pen icon(see image below) to change Profile name.

✅Tap The Profile Photo(see #3 image below) to change the profile photo.

✅Tap the Banner Camera icon(see #2 image below) to change the Profile banner.

Tap OK.


How to disable Video Autoplay in Preview?

Kindly follow the steps below to stop the auto play of videos in preview.

✅ Click your account profile and select settings.

✅ Choose General.

✅ Select "muted playbacks in feeds".

✅ Select "OFF"

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Where to find Your Downloaded videos on Youtube?

If you downloaded the videos through the Youtube app, you can find it by simply clicking the "Library" icon and select Downloads. (Check the instruction below)

If You downloaded the video and saved to "SD Card" You may find the downloaded videos by simply going to Your "File Manager" and look for the "Downloads" folder. 

If you want to learn more about downloading videos to "SD Card" kindly check this helpful article: How to download videos to an SD Card


How To Hide/Unhide The Subscribers Count?

To Hide Your Channel Subscribers Count, Follow the Steps below:

✅Sign in to your Google Account.

✅Go to YouTube Studio.

✅Click Settings  Channel  Advanced settings.

✅Below "Subscriber count," disable the "Display the number of people subscribed to my channel." (You may re-enable it, if you want to unhide Your Channel Subscribers Count).

✅Click Save.

✔️Here is a video tutorial : How to Hide/Unhide Subscribers Count.


How To Enable Comments on Youtube Videos?

Comment Section is an important feature for both Creators and Viewers, It's an avenue of interaction, I find it myself so helpful, I can read what my viewers thinking in every video that I made, plus the ability to instantly respond to every comment.

With the Help of Comment section, Your fans can deliver their suggestions or requests, and express their feelings about the video.

To protect the minors, Comment is not available If a video or channel audience is set as made for kids. (Not also available for supervised experiences on YouTube. Learn more here.)

If Your channel content is not intended for children and you would like to enable comments, You may simply follow the steps below:

"Change your default comment settings"

Sign in to YouTube Studio.

✅From the left menu, select Settings.

✅Select Community  Defaults.

✅Select your default settings:If you have the Community tab: Choose your default settings under “Comments on your channel."

✅If you don’t have the Community tab: Choose your default setting for new video uploads under “Comments on your new videos." Choose your default setting for new comments on the Discussion tab under “Comments on your Discussion tab."

✅Select Save.

"Change Comment Settings for Individual Videos"

✅Sign in to YouTube Studio.

✅From the left menu, select Content.

✅Click a video’s thumbnail.

✅Select the More options tab.

✅Under “Comments and ratings," choose your comment settings.

✅Select Save.

If you want to watch a video tutorial, You may check this video 👉 How to enable The Disabled Comments.